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I photograph children, families and high school seniors. Mostly. I also love to photograph beautiful scenes.

Many people have suggested that I should separate my portrait work from my landscape images, but I just can’t. Why? Because for me they actually belong together. Because I love taking “environmental portraits” – photos of PEOPLE in our beautiful WORLD.

I have always loved to take photographs. There is something about capturing a moment, a memory, that intrigues and energizes me. Not just capturing it, but saving it. Honoring it. Giving it a place of pride as a printed portrait or in a scrapbook that will keep those people, places and moments protected and ‘alive’ for future generations.

When my daughter, Lynne, was a senior in high school I was introduced to scrapbooking. For eight months I filled two scrapbooks with photos that captured events, milestones, celebrations and family. I was preserving HER story for HER. They were the photos that touched my heart. And I did the same for my son, Andrew, too. Printed photos matter. They are tangible and real and evoke a sense of belonging and love. Photos have that kind of power. And that is why I always include prints with every photo session.

I am an award-winning photographer whose photographs have appeared in Yankee Magazine and South Shore Living Magazine. My images have also appeared in programs, on postcards and on the web for Boston College. Portraits and landscapes that I have taken decorate people's homes, too - and that is the biggest honor to me.

PERSONALITY TYPE - are you at all like me?
I am extroverted, sentimental, energetic, tradition-conscious, loyal, reliable, caring, organized, warm-hearted, friendly, sensitive, and kind of demanding of myself. Are you at all like this, too? Because those are the kind of people that I usually take photographs of. (Introverts welcome, too!)

I love to discover and experience new things. My life is about forward motion and momentum. I love to travel and rarely visit the same place twice because there is a big, wide world out there! I always enjoy spending time with friends, finding new restaurants (always a challenge with my husband who has a few favorite places and always wants to go to those), sailing on Buzzards Bay, and meeting new people. I love spending time with my family, too. And even though I mentioned it last, it’s actually the thing I love best.

If you’re interested in a photo session, contact me in a way that suits you best (phone, text, email, Facebook). I use it all!

Where are your images that touch your heart? Let me help make some for you!


Visit my website at: www.photosforyourlife.com